WCSE History

The West Coast Sports Edge (WCSE) creator Doug West, started handicapping sports as a hobby back in 2002. A lot of hard work, long nights of research, plenty of setbacks, all of which led to learning how the sports betting markets function on a day to day basis. He also learned how you must be willing to constantly evolve in this industry to be one step ahead of the oddsmakers it was sets you apart from the masses.  


When it comes to the company name, it was inspired by a love for the west coast, (because who wouldn't fall in love with its beautiful beaches, captivating mountain sides, and laid back lifestyle?) and a last name representing that passion, he decided to design his brand West Coast Sports Edge - Sharp Handicapping Services. 


WCSE's mission is to provide affordable, valuable, and profitable sports picks through extenstive research on sports statistics, analytics, and trends.  


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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ 1: What is a unit?

A unit is 1% (reccommended) of your entire bankroll. For example, if you have a $1,000 bankroll, 1 (one) unit would equal 1%, i.e. $10. 


FAQ 2: How are plays rated? 

All plays are rated on a 1-5 (one to five) unit scale. The larger the unit size the stronger the play. A 1 (one) unit play is the most standard bet size, while a 5 (five) unit play is less common, and only released when the information on a particular game is extremely strong.

FAQ 3: How are plays sent to WCSE members?

All plays are sent to the members through the private twitter handle @WCSportsMembers

Members who aren't on twitter can also receive all of the plays via email.

FAQ 4: How long before the game starts are plays sent out to WCSE members?

Typically plays are sent the morning of the game so all WCSE members can lock their wagers in early.

There are occasions for example, where value is going to be on the underdog and it's best to wait till closer to game time for that number to continue to rise to get peak value and then placing the wager at that point.

Also when there is extreme value on an opening line, some plays are sent a day or two in advanced to beat the line movement and capture the best line available.

FAQ 5: You've won 5 games in a row and you listed the next wager as a 1 unit play, should I bet 2 or 3 units on it because you're on a hot streak?

This is a common misconception by novice bettors. Just because I or anyone else has won multiple games in a row, does not mean the next game is a ''for sure thing' or ''a lock''.

Please practice proper bankroll management and follow my recommended betting size for each particular wager. If I list a wager as a 1 unit play, please follow accordingly. This is one of the quickest ways to kill your bankroll by being overzealous and greedy. Do not wager more than the recommended bet size.

A lot of factors go into being a long term winning sports bettor. Bankroll management is one of, if not the most important factor.

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